Your agency’s audit, review/attestation or compilation engagement has been completed. You have signed off on the report. The CPA who performed your agency’s engagement is back at his office putting the finishing touches on the report package.

How and when can you expect the report to be submitted to the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA)?

This is a very important question to most local auditees. The statutory due date of audit, review/attestation and compilation reports to LLA is six months after the agency’s fiscal year end; and there are consequences to local auditees whose reports are not submitted by the statutory due date.

The CPA should be able to give you an estimated date by which he or she expects to submit the report to LLA at the exit conference, if there are no significant pending items.

After the fieldwork is completed and the exit conference has been held, the CPA may still have some work to perform before the report can be submitted to LLA; or may have additional questions the agency needs to answer, or documents the agency needs to provide. It is important for the agency to resolve any matters it can as quickly as possible in order for the CPA to complete his work and to be able to submit the report to LLA.

The actual submission of an audit, review/attestation or compilation report to LLA is done through a web portal by the CPA who performed the engagement. The CPA has been assigned a unique user ID and password to access the web portal through which reports are submitted. Most questions LLA has about the report after submission will be directed to the CPA.

Although the CPA has the information required to submit the report through the portal, it is the joint responsibility of the CPA and the local auditee to ensure that the report is submitted to LLA by the statutory due date. The local auditee should maintain contact with the CPA firm regarding the status of the report until the CPA confirms that the completed report has been submitted to LLA.

Submission of sworn financial statements to LLA is either done through the mail (address is included on the sworn financial statement forms), or electronically to Sworn financial statements are due to LLA no later than ninety days after the agency’s fiscal year end.

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