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  • Beth Davis, CPA

    First Assistant Legislative Auditor, Director of Financial Audit Services

    Financial Audit Services

    Audits state agencies and higher education. These audits focus on whether state entities have adequate controls in place to ensure accountability over public funds and compliance with state and federal laws, regulations, and grant agreements.

  • Roger Harris, J.D., CCEP, CFI

    Executive Counsel and Assistant Legislative Auditor for Investigations

    Investigative Audit Services

    Gathers evidence regarding fraudulent or abusive activity affecting governmental entities. Their audits are designed to detect and deter the misappropriation of public assets and to reduce future fraud risks.

  • Victoria Hayes, CPA

    Assistant Legislative Auditor & Director of Recovery Assistance Services

    Recovery Assistance Services

    Performs procedures in conformance with professional auditing standards intended to ensure that disaster recovery funds granted to the state are spent in accordance with federal and state laws, rules, and regulations or grant requirements.

  • Jenifer Schaye, CFE

    General Counsel

    Legal Services

    Provides written and oral opinions related to audit matters for LLA staff auditors, independent CPAs, and public officials and tracks legislation regarding audit issues.

  • Karen LeBlanc, MSW, CIA, CGAP

    Assistant Legislative Auditor, Director of Performance Audit Services

    Performance Audit Services

    Evaluates the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of state agency programs, functions, and activities and provides that information to legislators and public officials.

  • Diane Allison, CPA, CGMA, CGFO

    Assistant Legislative Auditor, Director of Local Government Services

    Local Government Services

    Provides local government agencies with services to improve agency operations. Services provided range from best practices to recommendations on improving controls and safeguarding assets.

  • Kenneth Herbold, ASA, EA, CFA, MAAA, FCA

    Director of Actuarial Services

    Actuarial Services

    Serves as the actuarial advisor to the Louisiana Legislature providing services such as cost notes for proposed legislation, certifying cost of living allowances (COLAS), and providing consulting to legislators.

  • Edward Seyler, PhD, CIA, CGAP

    Director of Economic Advisory Services

    Economic Advisory Services

    Provides analysis of economic and fiscal issues that impact state and local government and the public in Louisiana

  • Kathleen Stewart Richey, J.D.

    State of Louisiana Child Ombudsman

    State of Louisiana Child Ombudsman

    Advocates for Louisiana's children, responsible for reviewing complaints regarding state services for children, making appropriate referrals for the child and family, and advocating on behalf of the child's best interest. Evaluates delivery of services by state agencies and recommends systemic reform.

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