Approved CPAs

The Legislative Auditor maintains a listing of CPAs who perform audit, review, and/or compilation/attestation engagements of governmental and quasi-public entities. The listing includes the names, addresses, parishes, telephone numbers, and fax numbers of available CPA firms.

Best Practices

Our office maintains a basic checklist of best management practices in government that agencies (both state and local) can use to assess their own performance. It addresses written policies and procedures for such areas as purchasing, travel, payroll, and public records retention.

Extension Request Form

We believe that the Legislative Auditor's extension request policy will ensure compliance with Louisiana law and ensure timely financial reporting, which is a cornerstone of good financial management.

Justice System Funding Reporting

To satisfy the requirements of Act 87, the LLA and LSC have developed two reporting schedules to be included in audit reports, review/attest reports, and compilation reports. Click here for these schedules.

Compliance & Attestation

Louisiana Compliance Questionnaires are used by the CPA in local auditee audit engagements as one of the tools to determine the laws, regulations, contracts and grant agreements to test during the audit; and to obtain management’s representation as to whether they have complied with these laws and regulations. These questionnaires provide a list of Louisiana laws that are material to the financial statements of local auditees.

Louisiana Governmental Audit Guide

The Louisiana Governmental Audit Guide (LAGAG) provides resources to set forth the standards by which the engagements of local governments and quasi-public organizations (local auditees) are to be performed.

Local Government Reporting System

The Legislative Auditor has developed a information system for local governments that will help us to identify entities that may be fiscally distressed.

Statewide Procedures

The Louisiana Legislative Auditor has prescribed statewide agreed-upon procedures, which are intended to represent a minimum level of additional work to be performed at those local entities that meet the legal requirement to have an audit under the Audit Law.

Sworn Financial Statements

Forms to be completed by Justice of the Peace, Constable, or other entities that have a Sworn Financial Statement reporting requirement to the LLA.

State Contracts

The Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office contracts with CPA firms to perform examinations of certain entities included in the State of Louisiana's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.