The audit law (Louisiana Revised Statute (R.S.) 24:513 A.) divides agencies that report to the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) into two categories –

  • State agencies, departments, boards, and commissions that are included within the state’s annual comprehensive financial report or ACFR (See Louisiana State Government Agencies).
  • The offices of independently elected public local officials, including judges, sheriffs, clerks of court, assessors and district attorneys; parish governing authorities and all political subdivisions, districts, and boards and commissions created by parish governing authorities or by law; school boards; district public defender offices; municipalities and all political subdivisions and boards and commissions created by municipal governing authorities; city courts, quasi-public agencies, housing authorities, mortgage authorities, or other political subdivisions of the state that are not included in the state’s ACFR. These agencies are also referred to as local auditees.

The audit of the state’s ACFR is performed, for the most part, by LLA staff. LLA does contract with private CPA firms for the audits of some of the smaller state agencies (mainly boards and commissions).

The audits and other engagements of local auditees are performed by CPA firms that are approved by LLA. LLA approves the engagement and receives the report once it is complete.

LLA may perform the audits of local auditees if any of the conditions found in R.S. 24:513 A. (4) (a) are present.

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