The Louisiana Legislative Auditor's (LLA's) office is divided into several sections.

The largest section within LLA is Financial Audit Services (FAS). FAS staff perform the financial and compliance audits of Louisiana state agencies and universities in accordance with professional auditing standards prescribed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the standards issued by the United States Government Accountability Office. FAS auditors operate from LLA's main office in Baton Rouge; and are also located in New Orleans, Alexandria, Lafayette, Monroe and Shreveport. Over half of FAS staff are certified public accountants.

The other sections within LLA that perform audits are Investigative Audit Services (IAS), Performance Audit Services (PAS), and Recovery Assistance Services (RAS). IAS audits are performed to detect and deter the misappropriation of public assets on the state and local level. PAS audits are designed to address matters relating to the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of programs, functions and activities of state and local government agencies. RAS auditors ensure that federal disaster recovery funds granted to the state are expended in accordance with federal and state laws, rules, and regulations.

Other sections of LLA operate more in an administrative and advisory capacity. Local Government Reporting (LGR) staff issue more than 4,000 local government and quasi-public agency reports annually, and oversee the work of the CPA firms that audit these agencies. Advisory Services (AS) provides guidance to local governments to improve fiscal and programmatic operations (including financial reporting quality). AS works with local officials and staff and partners with CPAs to foster positive change and promote efficiency and effectiveness in local government.

The Legal section provides written and oral opinions related to legal questions submitted by LLA staff, CPAs, and public officials; and has developed Frequently Asked Questions documents and other research tools to provide assistance to local government agencies and the CPAs that audit them. These tools are available on LLA's website. Legal staff also provides assistance to local governments relative to their ad valorem tax assessments.

Actuarial Services' work is related to the state and statewide public retirement systems. Actuarial Services staff prepares actuarial cost analysis for all proposed legislation affecting these systems; review the systems' actuarial valuations and audited financial statements, and certify cost-of-living allowances. Actuarial Services also issues an annual report on Louisiana public retirement systems for the Legislature and the Governor.

LLA staff also prepares analysis documents called fiscal notes to assist the Louisiana Legislature in determining the financial impact of bills that are considered during each legislative session.

Information Technology and Administrative staff members provide technical, accounting, human resources, professional development, and other support for the mission of LLA, which is "to foster accountability and transparency in Louisiana government by providing the Legislature and others with audit services, fiscal advice, and other useful information."

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