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In an effort to better serve the CPA community and the broader community, the Legal Staff of the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) is prepared to assist CPAs and others with governmental legal issues. The LLA Legal Staff does not render legal opinions, which are comparable to Attorney General (AG) opinions. The LLA Legal Staff will, however, offer guidance and direction based upon AG opinions and court cases. Bearing the preceding in mind, please feel free to ask questions within the space provided below.

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Public Records Custodian & Requests

The public records custodian for the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's office is Jenifer Schaye, CFE.

If you are able to provide the following information, we will be able to respond to your request in an expedited fashion:

  1. As much information as possible regarding the records you are requesting (i.e., entity, dates, names, etc.).
  2. Your contact information.
  3. Preferred method to receive response documents.
Additional information on Public Records Law can be found by clicking the following: